The 10 Commandments in the Context of a Rummy Player

Religion was meant to be a guide to life. The ten commandments stated out were meant to make sure that a person leads an ethical life. For a rummy player, what matters most is that he makes the best of his Indian rummy online games. In this context we have listed out 10 commandments that would make sense to him and assure him the best results. Check them out and share your views regarding the same:

  • Always Assess the Hand You Get Before You Start Playing

Most new players are eager to play the hand as soon as they receive the cards. The expert player knows that he should take time and assess his hand before playing his moves. A good player will always see what are his chances of making sequences soon. This will help him decide whether to play and if yes, how to plan his moves. This is the reason it is the first commandment in the list of rummy commandments. Always assess your cards before playing your first move in the rummy patti game.

  • Do not pick the open card unless it completes a natural sequence

A natural sequence is of great significance in Indian rummy games. That is why, unless you complete your natural sequence and one more sequence, your hand is regarded as a full hand. A good player will never pick the open card unless it completes his natural sequence. This is because the open card can be viewed by your opponent too. When you pick an open card, your opponent gets a hint about the cards in your hand. This will make him plan his moves accordingly. As a rule, never pick the open card unless it completes your natural sequence.

  • Do not pick from the disposed pile till you form the life

In the standard variation of rummy, a natural sequence and a real sequence are together termed as life. A good player will never pick from the disposed pile unless his life is formed. The reasons are the same as the ones stated above. You give a hint to the opponent about your cards when you pick from the disposed pile.

  • Assess the cards thrown by the opponent to gauge his hand

Assessing the cards thrown by the opponent is just as important as not letting him assess your cards. Each time your opponent picks a card from the disposed pile, try to understand what sequence he attempts to make. If you have the cards he needs, don’t throw it to make his game easy.

  • Forming Life should be the first priority

A good player of Indian rummy will always have forming a life as his first priority. He won’t try to make sets or melds till he is done with his life.

  • Focus on reducing points in your hand once life is formed

Once the life is formed, the goal of a good player will be to reduce points in his hands. He should replace all the high point cards that are not part of a sequence with low point cards.

  • Keep assessing the better option among dropping your hand mid-way and losing

In rummy, you can drop the hand midway through the game too. This is referred to as second drop in Khelplay Rummy. Try to understand whether you should try and reduce points in the hand or simply drop out of the game. This step can decide your fate in online real money earning games.

  • Arrange sequence options with highest probability of completion

A good player of rummy games will rely highly on probability. If he forms two card pairs that complete into sequences, he will choose pairs with highest probability of completion. For example, he will not keep a 7 and 9 of hearts and wait for its completion with 8 of hearts. On the contrary, he may make pairs like 7 and 8 of hearts. Here, the chances of completion are doubled. The sequence will be complete with a 6 of hearts or a 9 of hearts.

  • Avoid making sets from pulled-out jokers

Jokers are very much like lifelines and making sets of pulled-out jokers means keeping them stuck in a set. Don’t make this mistake.

  • Do not stock jokers when life isn’t formed

While jokers do help once the life is formed, life is always more significant than a joker. Try to complete the natural sequence first. Avoid piling jokers when it isn’t formed as you reduce the chances of forming life.

Author: Ayaan