Latest WhatsApp for Android update brings call waiting feature and fingerprint unlock support

WhatsApp for Android has introduced a new call waiting feature. The latest update on Play Store alerts users when they receive a WhatsApp call, while on a call with someone else. The feature makes its way to WhatsApp for Android after being introduced on iOS last month.

Prior to the update, users were not able to connect to the second incoming call. The user would get a ‘missed call’ alert once their ongoing call ended. After the WhatsApp update 2.19.352, users will now be notified about an incoming call and can choose to either decline it or end the ongoing call and accept it. However, the new WhatsApp feature does not allow a user to put a call on hold. This also means that the user cannot connect to two users simultaneously on the same line.

The changelog also mentions support for fingerprint scanner support for WhatsApp on Android. The feature has been available on iOS for a while along with support for Face ID. To enable fingerprint unlocking on WhatsApp, go to Settings> Accounts > Privacy> Fingerprint unlock and enable the toggle.

WhatsApp is also rolling out the new group privacy feature. Users can select one of the three options and prevent anyone from adding them to a WhatsApp group without their consent. To enable it, users can go to WhatsApp settings, tap Account > Privacy > Groups and select one of three options — ‘My Contacts Except’, ‘My Contacts’, and ‘Everyone’. 

‘My Contacts Except’ allows a user to select contacts that cannot add them to a WhatsApp group. ‘My Contacts’ would allow people in the user’s contact list to add them in a group. However, users would get an invite through a private message giving them an option to join the group. The invite would be valid for 72 hours before it expires. For ‘everybody’, users would get added to the group without any need of an invitation. 


Author: Ayaan