Google Photos app gets support for foldable screens with a nifty new feature

Google Photos recently got Material Design-themed navigation drawer and now is getting a new backup status icon. This makes it easier to see if the images and videos have been backed up right from the gallery itself. It is worth noting that this feature has been there in Google Photos for iOS for a while and is now coming to Android users. What, however, gets a passing mention in the changelog of the new version but is a major update is the support for foldable phones.

“We’ve launched a new gallery view to help you see which of your photos and videos have not yet been backed up and proactively choose items to backup. Additionally, we’ve introduced several improvements to make Google Photos compatible with foldable devices,” states the ‘What’s new’ section in the app listing page. It has been reported that the app will now feature screen continuity and multi-resume.

Google adding the support for foldable screens for its Photos app can be taken as yet another indicator that Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is indeed on its way and there’s no change in the release date. The firm last week faced a lot of heat as some units that were with some reviewers stopped working due to faulty screens and no clear instructions on the retail box. The firm has even delayed the Shanghai and Hong Kong launches of the Galaxy Fold.
As for the new photos backup icon, Android users will now see a slashed cloud icon on the bottom right corner of each image or video if they have not been backed up. This also means that users can ‘proactively chose’ what images and video are to be backed up.
For now, Android users have to expand the indicator from the top to see the status of backup and small thumbnails of the images that are being backed up.

Author: Ayaan