Amdavadis are looking forward to getting inked

Amdavadis are looking forward to getting inked
The mercury is soaring so also the excitement to cast vote. As Gujarat goes to polls today, the mood is upbeat. From first-time voters to seasoned ones, people are looking forward to participate in India’s electoral process and make their vote count in deciding the country’s next government. Gujarat recorded the second highest voting turnout of 63.31% in its polling history during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The Election Commission is hopeful that there will be an increase in voter turnout this election. Amdavadis will stand in long queues today to exercise their right to franchise. Ahmedabad Times checks out how the city gets ready for the big day today.
Café and restaurants offering discounts
The message is loud and clear and that’s – ‘Be the changemaker.’ Hashtags are now trending on social media asking people to ‘go and vote’. There are cafes and restaurants in the city offering special discounts to people who will exercise the franchise today. Vishal Pandey, owner of a city based restaurant which is offering 50% discount to customers who have voted, says, “Our co-owner Suryakant Dwivedi came up with this idea when we were discussing about ways to encourage people to vote. He suggested that we offer a discount because just as food is important to our health, voting for the right candidate and choosing the right party is important for our nation’s health.”
Sops for people who vote
Many city educational institutes have declared a holiday today. Richa Mishra, a faculty member of Nirma University says, “We will get a holiday today as we are encouraged to exercise our right to vote. It’s so necessary to participate in our democratic process.” Many corporates are also encouraging their employees to vote and giving them time in between work hours to ‘go and vote.’

Author: Ayaan